Custom artistic elements added to your event create an atmosphere of luxury and curiosity that have such a meaningful impact. This is our trademark at Oliver & Grace and why we're so different. One of our favorite referral sources are when a guest so loves their name card that they brought it to their workplace, and put it on display. The unique nature of our work often starts conversations that lead to inquiries and bookings - we love this so much! Take a look at two of our most commonly requested artistic areas below: Seating Charts and Place Settings

(*Please Contact us for pricing. Most independent seating chart projects, fully executed, are $2-4 per name. Average menus pricing range from $5-$10 each. )

This was one of our most favorite seatin
Writing on acrylic is a secret obsession
Nibbs - Calligraphic - Pile (c).png
Pen - Oblique Calligraphic (c).png
Brush #1 (c).png