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  the Kristin Package

The Kristin is our mid-level full-service design package. It includes design concept creation, inventory selection, decor planning, layout, and organizational management to keep it all simple to understand. The day of your event we pack, deliver, unpack, set-up and style; then repack, remove, and return all your decor without any involvement from your friends or family. Our flat-fee pricing makes discussing design elements and desires free of the common fears of hidden or additional fees. Best of all, our experience with hundreds of these kinds of events have helped us customize the process so clients can still be a part of the fun of decor planning, without the burdens and stress. 

The Kristin Package makes space and time for the memories you would otherwise miss, and create an atmosphere for your guests - and you - that is worthy of your celebration.

What's included:

Unlimited emails, Unlimited phone calls, Personalized Full Design Concept, Private Pinterest Board Collaboration (with O & G Associate Designer), All-inclusive inventory, Decor Delivery, Decor set up, Full Styling & Design, Decor take down, Removal​, O & G Associate Designer & two or more decor assistants day of wedding, Up to 5 custom art and calligraphy signs (chalkboards, mirrors, etc)

What's included:

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