frequently asked questions

For Vendors (Client FAQ here)


- Do you complete floral designs for your design packages? 

We do *not* create floral arrangements, install floral, or even select specific types of floral for your clients with our Full-Design Packages. Instead, we create a floral "map" that gives ideas and areas that we are creating with our pieces and designs that would benefit greatly from floral, which may or may not be used by you. We believe giving creative freedom to all vendors while collaborating closely on colors and style is the best way to get the stunning results that made your business thrive in the first place. Please contact us for an example of one of these plans! 


- Do you set-up floral that is dropped off if our client has booked a full-design package? 

Anything that requires wiring, zip-ties, or arranging needs to be completed by the florist. If it is simply placing completed arrangements in specific pre-determined 

Do you provide Event Planning services also? What is the difference between an Event Planner & an Event Designer? 


We are not event planners, but have a great list of referrals upon request that work great with our company and are familiar with our process. The main difference between Event planners and Designers is that Planners are mainly concerned with details regarding timelines, budget, communication and organizational execution. Planners give us the information we need to execute your designs efficiently and timely, so you don't have to spend hours doing so. Please contact us for more information on how this partnership works! 


What is the Design process with your Packages like?

Our owner, Annie, has a degree from the Art Institute of Minnesota in Interior Design and Space Planning; the process she developed there combined with her experience as an Interior Designer is the framework that guides our process and results with our clients. What does this look like? First step is getting to know your client and their event first! This is such an important piece of why we love our job and have been successful: a beautiful event is... beautiful - but our mission is make it more than that. Our favorite events are celebrating meaningful life moments, milestones, and causes we are passionate about. After we get this foundation, we start a "Secret" Pinterest board and collaborate on ideas and styles, and from there create a custom 10-page design concept plan that addresses every area of your venue. Combine that with the detailed information gathered by you/your planner, and your event comes to life. 

Does O&G provide floral, rent out faux floral, or create floral designs? 

We are huge advocates of live floral - there is nothing that impacts your overall wedding design more than the textures, colors, and character that floral provides.  For this reason O&G does *not* rent faux floral, provide live floral/greens, or create floral installs, because we believe that hiring a professional that specializes in this area is essential to magnifying the overall decor and style we are providing.


We do, however, love to work collaboratively with your florist to come up with a floral *plan* to help specify areas/decor rentals that would benefit from floral, and/or creative installs. But they are ultimately in charge of all the choices and plans, which is how to get the most stunning results.

Does O&G do graphic design, or provide calligraphy services?

Much of our details come with creative writing and hand-drawn artistry. However, we don't consider ourselves calligraphers and don't provide this service outside of our Full-Design Weddings' Head table menus (only up to 30), and creative seating charts. We have a list of some amazing graphic designers and calligraphers that can help you with things like invitations, programs, and menus (for all guests), and calligraphers that are amazing at things like addressing envelopes. This, like floral, adds so much to your overall design and is an investment that is well worth it!

What typical decor rentals are not included in O&G's Full Design Packages? 

We are a boutique rental company, which is very different from a classic party-rental company. The best way to explain this is that we are providing your day with artistic details and character, and are less involved in large un-customizable pieces like sofas and buffets, or large-quantity repetitive items like flatware or linens. Our inventory has thousands of pieces you'd find at non-chain decor boutiques, and hand-made items from individual artists and Etsy-like stores. No two tables in our Full Design weddings looks the same, which is why the most common response we get to these events is that it's "straight out of a magazine". While we do carry minimal large furniture pieces, in general things like sofas and large tables are something we rent for our brides from another company out of their design fee.